The Most Important Tool For Making Money Online

As long as the internet exists there will be opportunities for making money online. Out of all the tools and ideas you will need to earn an income online, the most powerful one is between your ears.

That’s right, your thinking is the most critical component in your online moneymaking efforts. While it’s true that there is a very real sense of accomplishment to purchasing some type of software that promises to make your online business more effective, the absolute greatest thing you can do for yourself is train your mind.

First, you must have a rock solid, unmovable determination to earn money online and also be willing to do what it takes to earn that money. Unfortunately, too often, the desire for online profits is accompanied by the desire to do so very easily. Though it may get easier to earn money down the road, in the beginning you should focus on working extra hard to get your online presence and foundation set correctly.

Secondly, you will need a very reliable website. This is one of those areas where free is not always best. In fact, many of the affiliate marketing firms (a great source of income) do not honor accounts without paid hosting.

Third, you will need a strong social media presence. This involves a minimum of setting up accounts on Facebook and Twitter. It’s recommended to be set up on as many social media platforms as possible.

What does social media have to do with making money online? Well the days of anonymous profits are probably about to go the way of the dodo bird. The reason for this is simple; people will pay for the relationship more than the product you offer. Not only this, but people are also wary of buying something from someone they can’t research further that the ad copy on your site. The more transparent, open and friendly you are the more money you will make.

Before people ever pull out the credit card to purchase your product or one you promote, they will have first bought into your personality and the degree to which you are willing to reach out to them socially. This may also lead to follow up sales in the future as your efforts to really know your customers will have you staying in touch with them long before and after the sale.

In addition to having a website and a social media presence, you should also have a strong autoresponder in place on your website so that people can sign up for your newsletter and receive special communication and offers from you in the future. There are a few free autoresponder services out there so this is something you need to have up front but not something you have to worry about paying for.

So when you are considering creating a business for yourself online, think “relationship” before you ever think “sale” and you will make plenty of both.

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